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Multi-Sensory Environment

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The Weingarten Children’s Center has been gifted a Multi- Sensory Environment Room through the generosity of the Menlo Park Live Oaks Lions Club and the additional support of the San Carlos Home Depot’s staff and vendors. The result is a very special room that provides primary sensory input through the auditory, visual, tactile, vestibular and movement senses. The highly motivating equipment provides the right degree of stimulation that allows children with special needs to learn to modulate their own behavior and learn more effectively.

The national data shows that over 50% of children who are deaf or hard of hearing have additional learning challenges besides their hearing loss. The Multi-Sensory Environment room is specially designed to be controlled by both the child and their therapist and provides a positive experience for learning. Each child has a therapy plan that encompasses sensory motor experiences that lays the foundation for the formation of a body concept in space, motor planning skills, and sensory processing and integration that ultimately supports the learning of spoken language.

The children at WCC, as well as other children who may need this intervention, will now have access to one of the only rooms of its kind in California. WCC will be reaching out to the Bay area community to let other programs working with children with special needs know that this unique Multi-Sensory Environment is now available to them as well.