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Extended School Year

At WCC, Extended School Year (ESY) Summer Session normally runs for 20 days (4 weeks). The extended school year experience is available for children from infancy through six years of age.

Summer Session is an intense four weeks of fun filled activities focused around a specific theme typically related to the Sciences (The Deep Sea, The Great Outdoors, Digging Dinosaurs, and Camp Neverland etc.).  Children with hearing loss, their hearing siblings as well as other children with typical hearing are invited to attend summer camp.  There is typically a 2:1 ratio (children with hearing loss to children with hearing).  Full time campers attend camp 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM daily.  Individual therapy sessions are provided as identified by a child’s IFSP or IEP.

Children with hearing loss work to close developmental gaps in listening, speech, and academics between themselves and their peers with normal hearing. Attending summer classes gives them the needed continuity in their schooling experience in addition to reducing the possibility of regression and/or retention of skills. Children benefit in many other ways while attending the Summer Session:


  • They have the opportunity to make social connections with many children during the summer camp
  • There is an emphasis on children increasing their self esteem and self reliance which allows them to interact effectively with the wider community.
  • The opportunity to develop and maintain relationships with peers is important to any child’s social and emotional development as they grow toward upper elementary and adolescent years because of their need to connect and identify with others who have hearing loss.