Parent Education

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Parent Education

In our Parent Education program, parents understand and learn:

* Techniques for stimulating auditory, speech, language and cognition using meaningful daily routines and experiences

* Facilitation of listening, speech and language skills through appropriate expectations

* The importance of hearing in our cognitive, verbal and social development

* To become competent observers of their child’s progress

* To interpret the meaning of child’s early communication

* Develop confidence in parent-child interactions including appropriate behavioral management techniques

* Become advocates for their child through making informed educational decisions


Our Parent Support includes:

* Parent education classes covering hearing loss, normal development, auditory skills, oral language, speech and cognition

* A combination of individual parent/infant sessions

* The opportunity to actively participate in their child’s therapy and the playgroup on a regular basis

* Support during IFSP and IEP process

* Guidance through the cochlear implant process

* Access to a library containing sources on parenting, discipline, normal childhood development, language, audiology, sibling issues and play activities