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Professional Training

Professionals from around the world have come to WCC to observe, train and learn more about how we teach deaf children to talk. On our campus we have highly trained teachers of the deaf, speech pathologists, an occupational therapist and a pediatric cochlear implant audiologist. All are experienced in not only working with our children but sharing their knowledge and expertise as well.

Professional Training – SLPs

University Practicum and Internship Students

Each semester WCC offers graduate level students a unique opportunity to complete required contact hours for their aural rehabilitation practicum as part of their master’s coursework in Communication Disorders/Speech Language Pathology.

Each practicum student is supervised by an on-site supervisor with at least five years of clinical experience with hearing impaired/deaf children.

Graduate students in the aural rehabilitation practicum experience are required to obtain a minimum number of hours of direct clinical contact with clients and their families as determined by their university program (usually 15-20 hours).

Direct contact consists of assessment and therapy intervention time and does not include observations, therapy planning or report writing. This practicum usually spans seven to eight weeks, but may last the entire semester depending on the arrangements made by the graduate student and Supervisor.

The student is required to maintain weekly records of the contact time to be signed by the supervisor. A final review, evaluation and grade will be completed by the WCC Supervisor.

It is the student’s responsibility to submit all paperwork to their university program Supervisor. Please note that student interns fall under the ASHA CCC standards. For more detailed information, please go to

We have worked with the following local and national universities, but gladly welcome graduate students in training from other local, state, regional, national and international public and private agencies.

For more information about what is required for internship or practicum placement through these universities, click on the links below or contact your department for specific requirements at your current university.

California State University East Bay
San Francisco State University
San Jose State University
Vanderbilt University

Clinical Fellowship Year (CFY)

Each year, WCC accepts applications from master’s level students in Communication Disorders/Speech Language Pathology who are ready to complete their degrees by being supervised in clinical practice as required by ASHA (American Speech Hearing Association).

The fellowship year may be contracted as a full or part-time position and will be supervised by a licensed and ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist. The total number of hours to complete the certification may or may not be completed while working at WCC. For more information about the certification process, please go to the ASHA website:

An application for a temporary Required Professional Experience (RPE) license must be obtained by written approval from the Speech-Language and Audiology Board before employment may begin. For more information, please go to the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs, Speech-Language and Audiology Board website: or call (916)-263-2666.

First Year Professional (FYP)

As part of the Mentoring Grant Program of the Oberkotter Foundation, this position was designed to strengthen the selected professional’s knowledge and skills in using an auditory approach to teach children who are deaf to listen and talk. This position co-occurs with a Clinical Fellowship Year (CFY) or fourth year AuD students for their externship year. The Mentor and First Year Professional will discuss goals and action steps to be completed during the year. The Mentor and FYP will have time for discussions each week as well as for observations. Twice during the year a review of these goals will be done and a report will be submitted to the Professional Education Team. For more information, please contact WCC directly at (650)-365-7500 and ask to be connected with the Training Supervisor.

Professional Training – Teachers of the Deaf

WCC offers the unique opportunity to visiting professionals, a hands-on experience to teaching a deaf student to listen, speak, learn as they observe and learn firsthand from master teachers while they enrich their practicum and student teaching experience.

We gladly receive teachers in training from local, state, national and international, public and private agencies to complete their professional requirements.

At the regional level, teachers from local universities are able to complete practicum hours for their Exceptional Children, Auditory, Language and Speech courses. Spring and fall sessions are also an opportunity for student-teaching placements under the supervision and guidance of a master teacher. WCC has hosted teachers in training from institutions such as San Francisco State University, San Jose State University, and Fresno State University to name a few.

At the national level, distinguished institutions such as Smith College have benefited from three week of immersion into the classes and therapy sessions of WCC to experience the different programs we offer within the Leahea Grammatico Family Center for infants and their families, and the preschool and Kindergarten settings.

For those already working in the regular and special education settings wishing to learn more about deafness and its academic implications, we offer an annual workshop designed for the needs of regular and special education teachers and staff working with deaf and hard of hearing students in the world of inclusion.

Finally, the teaching and training capacity of WCC has also crossed the borders to Mexico and Argentina providing in-service sessions, workshops and lectures to address the needs of the children and staff in the hosting areas.